ForeCaddy™ Smart Cart

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The game has changed...but ForeCaddy™ knows how to follow.

Meet ForeCaddy™, our cutting-edge smart cart, designed from the ground up to give you the luxury and performance you've come to expect from Foresight Sports. With 4 modes of operation, ForeCaddy does so much more than tote your golf bag around the course.

From added health benefits to showing off the coolest gear in front of your buddies, ForeCaddy will truly change your game. And with accessories like a ball and scorecard holder, phone charger, and more, ForeCaddy turns your "good walk spoiled" into the ideal golfing experience.

ForeCaddy modes include:
  • Follow - Just clip the remote to your waist, walk, and let ForeCaddy take care of the rest. Note: Follow mode should only be used on the fairway and with at least 7.5 feet of space on each side to ensure safety.
  • Remote - Use the remote to precisely navigate ForeCaddy around the course.
  • Power Assist - Get a little extra "oomph" when pushing ForeCaddy up steeper slopes.
  • Manual - Give ForeCaddy a break and let gravity (with your guidance) handle the work down slopes and gentler terrain.
What's in the box:
  • ForeCaddy Smart Cart
  • Remote control
  • Scorecard & ball holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Cup holder
  • Phone holder, wireless charger, & USB-C charging cable
  • Battery, external charging base, & charging adapter
  • Additional golf bag security straps
  • Sand bottle holder


For ForeCaddy Fleet sales, contact our sales team at (858) 880-0179.

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United States United States
Good, not perfect

I have played ~ 50 rounds with the Foresight Forecaddy. I have had one warranty claim for a broken front wheel, which was repaired satisfactorily if slow. Operationally, I would give it an 8/10. It has long range - 45 holes when fully charged, and easily tackles hills. It folds easily. My only operational complaint is the "follow mode" is not perfect: sometimes it forgets to follow (after the remote control button is pressed), and it has a tendency to wander a bit behind you which can be unnerving. Never use it in follow mode near a pond or bunker. Also, the using the remote control is also far from perfect. It will go right, left, forward and reverse but you cannot direct it in any kind of curve - I have seen other powered golf caddies do this. I would say that having it has made walking much more enjoyable. The drink holder, umbrella holder and sand bottle holder are very functional. Highly recommend putting a heavy bag or weight in the bag to minimize bouncing around, as its bouncing causes it to go off-line in follow mode.

Rick C.
United States United States
Exactly what I was looking for!

I’ve had a few rounds now to get a good feeling for the ForeCaddy golf cart by Foresight. I have not taken the time to learn how to drive the cart around with the remote control yet, almost exclusively using the Follow Mode or having the cart pull me and my clubs up the hills. I’ve had the cart tumble a couple of times, but this was mainly due to my carelessness at the time. Follow mode works great on flat and surprisingly steep downhill terrains, not tipped over once on the downhill so far! It handles uphill fine but if too steep, you just grab the handle and let it pull you up the hill! There are quite a few videos available to teach you how and when to use the Follow Mode and other features of the ForeCaddy. The cart is solidly built but does not weigh very much even with the battery installed. The battery easily has the power for 2 rounds+ the manual says it will run for 54 holes; I just charge mine after I complete my round. You can charge it in the cart or pull it out and charge it with the External charger which is provided. According to the manual the Follow Mode is in Beta, but I think it works great as is! They provide a couple cables so you can update the firmware to the cart and the remote as they enhance the cart in the future. Overall, I love this cart, was exactly what I was looking for! I hit the ball, I have the remote clipped to my belt, hit the button and the cart follows me down the fairway just as advertised! You can also hit the plus button on the cart, and it will head off on its own until it gets ten feet away then it stops on its own. When I ordered the ForeCaddy it was delivered quickly and very easy to assemble, just had to snap on the wheels, accessories and was ready to go! I highly recommend the ForeCaddy!! Now if it could only improve my game!

David J.
United States United States
Super Happy with the Forecaddy

I have played 5 rounds with it now. It works fantastic. Follow mode is perfect, as long as you have 7 feet on each side. Controls are super intuitive. They thought of everything from the cup holder, the phone holder, and the sand holder. -

David B.
United States United States
Super Happy with the Forecaddy

I think this thing is excellent. It is really well designed and everything is very intuitive. The follow mode works fantastic. The key is to make sure you have 7 feet on each side of you, if you do this, it works like a dream. I love attaching my speaker and then my music just follows me on the course. I bought it on a Monday and it came the same week. It came already updated with the latest firmware, so it was ready to go. This thing is just plain awesome. it looks good and the design features are so smart from the colors turning from red to blue to green and the cell phone holder and the holder for the sand and seed. This thing is now the gold standard for motorized push carts.

Belinda a.
United States United States
"You'll get everything and like it!"

I was very skeptical about purchasing the Forecaddy for my hubby. It's really difficult to find unique, meaningful gifts for him. However, he LOVES THIS ONE! He uses it 2-4 times a week and says, "It delivers on it's promise - very efficient, reliable and flexible." Okay, so I asked him...He also said it allows him to walk and play golf freely vs pushing a cart around. We are both avid golfers who normally ride. No more! I definitely see a Forecaddy in my future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Belinda and Michael

United States United States
Great Cart

This cart does exactly what i wanted it to do. I do enjoy the option of having the cart follow me. If I could change one thing about this cart, it would be the remote working for a longer distance. The distance is about 30 yards, which is acceptable, no real issues, but I have seen some that work much further out. It handles as well as any cart that I have seen on the course, only a few will follow.

United States United States
Amazing Caddy

I like it overall experience. The follow mode is excellence. It follows me accurately around the course. My hands are free and relax during the round. I don't feel tired after the round as my push cart. You know tension on your hands is a killer in golf. I actually improved 3-4 strokes in the last few tournament rounds with the Torrey Pines Men's Club. It is easy to fold/set up on each round. One time, I played two rounds for a single charge but mostly I charged before each round. I played one round in the rain storm with high wind and it handled the rain and wind pretty well. I noticed a few issues; it seems not to have enough power going up hill and it can flip backward easily if you don't assist it. With the remote control mode, it is a bit challenge to control the cart. I may need more practice of using it. Beside that it is an excellence electric cart and I highly recommend to have one.

Joshua L.
United States United States
Great Cart when it's working

The foresight cart was indeed another game changer. Not having to be tethered to my cart and bag was amazing when utilizing the follow mode; and the follow mode was in my opinion the most refined part of the cart, it worked great. The other modes work just as good, but the follow mode is what sets this cart apart from anything else out there. Battery life is great and the unit looks amazing. But, my cart stopped functioning after only two months and had to be sent back. The repair/replacement process was extremely frustrating; updates on the status were non-existent and i had to keep asking about the status over and over. After many email and calls my issue was finally resolved after 7 weeks. Unfortunately that means i missed a good portion of prime golfing season in the PNW. Overall it's a great cart, but if something goes wrong be prepared for a hassle with repair/replacement.

Foresight Sports

Sorry you had a poor experience with customer service, we are working on improving our repair services.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

This can be bought for 21 dollars 87 cents plus about 10 dollars shipping direct from China.

Jeff M.
United States United States

I used the cart for the first time yesterday at Osprey Point. The course was wet and cart path only for golf carts. The cart worked perfectly through the very wet fairways and the cart followed my path . It was nice to walk down the fairway without carrying my clubs. Very happy with the purchase.

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